Frequently asked questions
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I have ordered on your site, when will the parcel arrive?

We deliver for one working day around Spain and big cities of Portugal such as Lisbon, Porto, and Braga.

To small cities of Portugal and whole France – for two working days.

Parcels are sent to Great Britain once a week, each Thursday. The orders reach the final destination on Tuesday-Wednesday.

The delivery time is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Kindly note that couriers do not speak Russian.

You can follow your parcel at any time on the delivery service site SEUR with the order number our manager will provide for you.

What is the middle weight of your fish?


We catch the sturgeon when it reaches the weight of 1 to 2 kg. At this particular period the sturgeon is the softest and tastiest.

And not fat!


What do you feed your sturgeon?

The forage for our sturgeons was developed by the Danish company ALLER AQUA.

Feed composition: 60% of vegetable protein and the rest 40% - lean fat and carbohydrates.

And our fish juveniles eat small crustaceans.

We breed our sturgeons without growth hormones, antibiotics, and other additives that are so popular among unfair fisheries.

How much does the delivery cost?

To Spain and Portugal - 9€,

to France and Great Britain - 15€.

If you make an order starting from 100€, delivery is FREE OF CHARGE to any country!

How can I pay for the order?

You can pay with a bank card – we accept all the cards except for American Express.

You can also pay with PayPal.

On the territory of Spain and Portugal you can pay in cash to the courier.

What sort of a cord did come out of my fish?

Is your fish wormy?

Certainly not! The thing you can see is a spinal cord.

Sturgeon is a chordal species, and instead of a usual spine it contains a long spinal gravel that is often confused with a worm.

In the Internet you can find that the spinal cord is poisonous. We are in advance to tell you the good news – the spinal cord is not poisonous. What is more, the pasties with spinal cord is a real delicacy, known from the Ancient Rus.

2-4% of people have idiocrasy of the spinal cord. Anyway, to suffer the consequences, you have to eat 200 g of the spinal cord, but our sturgeons contain not more than 30 g.

Why is the delivery to France so expensive and takes two days?

Refrigerator delivery is different from the usual delivery. That is why to save the quality and freshness it is necessary to sacrifice the speed.

As for the delivery price, in reality it accounts for 25€ around France, but we agreed with the company Chronopost Food about the discount of 10€, intentionally for lovers of sturgeon from France.

Will my order indeed arrive fresh?

Esturion de Sarrion has been searching for the delivery service for a long time to provide its storage facilities with cold boxes, and the cars – with refrigerators.

In Spain and Portugal - Seur Frio.

In France - Chronopost Food.

In Great Britain - Mareska Logistics.

Where can I buy your products?

You can always buy our products:

— In the Internet shop

— in supermarkets Condis

— in supermarkets El Corte Ingles.

I would like to work with you! Where can I send my curriculum vitae?

Send your curriculum vitae to the e-mail, specifying in the title of the e-mail “Working with you”

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