Рецепт от шеф-повара ресторана Deliranto Владиcлава Дегтярёва

Warm salad with smoked sturgeon and artichokes


– Rocket salad 100-150 g

– Salad leaves 200 g

– Radish 3 pc.

– Garlic 1 clove

– Honey 1 table spoon

– Sour cream 20 g.

– Sour apple 1 pc.

– Smoked sturgeon 1 fillet

– Artichokes 2 pc.

– Salt

– Lemon juice

– Mustard 1 tea spoon

Cooking process:

First of all, we cook confit from the artichokes.

For that we peel them. We just need the choke. Cook under a very low heat in the roasting pan with a big amount of olive oil. Add 2 garlic cloves and a couple of fresh rosemary twigs.

Soak into the oil our artichokes and cook them 30-40 minutes. The main thing is to provide the oil of 60 grads. Otherwise the artichokes will fry and there will be a wrong effect. As long as the artichokes are soft, we take them accurately from the oil and let them cool.

The garlic we cooked with the artichokes is used for the salad.

We cut an apple in straws, radish – in thin slices, and sturgeon – in pieces (it is possible to do that in hand).

Warm up the pan slightly. Fry artichokes, squash garlic we cooked with artichokes. Add 3 table spoons of olive oil, 1 tea spoon of honey and squeeze 1/4 of lemon, salt and stir all that properly.

We should get uniform sauce.

Turn the fire off. Add rocket salad and salad leaves, mix everything together quickly, and put on the plate. Add smoked sturgeon over, an apple, radish, and a little sour cream for freshness.

In this recipe we use sturgeon of hot smoking, but it is possible to swap it for sturgeon of cold smoking.