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Charitable Foundation "Good Cause" in Ukraine

Charitable Foundation "Good Cause" was registered in Ukraine in 2017. It is not related to political, oligarchic or religious organizations and is not funded to promote them.




Foundation Mission:


To help Ukrainians who were victims of Russia's war against Ukraine.




Since the beginning of the war, the Foundation has provided targeted assistance for more than 15,000 people (food, clothing, shoes, transportation, fuel) from all over Ukraine and helped with evacuation and relocation. Ukrainians are assisted with transportation, housing, settling in a new place, leaving the country, and treating and rehabilitating the sick and injured.

At present the Foundation receives humanitarian aid from international partners in Europe and America. The Fund also actively works with local authorities: we concluded a memorandum on cooperation with the leadership of the Volyn region and representatives of the local military administration, also established cooperation with representatives of border checkpoints on the border of Ukraine and EU countries (Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova).


Foundation's goal:

To unite charitable foundations of Volyn region and Ukraine for joint work. For this purpose, a unified database of requests for assistance from all over Ukraine is being developed for further processing and sending by charitable foundations, volunteers, and concerned Ukrainians humanitarian cargoes.
To create a universal logistics system for accounting and management of transport, which delivers humanitarian cargo from the EU and America to Ukraine, and use it for evacuation and transportation of Ukrainians.
To establish mutually beneficial cooperation of the foundation with the largest charitable organizations in Europe and America.

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/dobrasprava.help/



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