Рецепт от шеф-повара ресторана Deliranto Владиcлава Дегтярёва

"Ark", a support group for emigrants who left Russia because of the war

On 24 February 2022, the Russian leadership, led by Vladimir Putin, unleashed an aggressive war against Ukraine. In the eyes of the world, this war crime was committed in the name of the whole country, of all Russians.

As citizens of the Russian Federation, against our will, we find ourselves responsible for the violation of international law, the military invasion and the massive loss of life. The enormity of the crime committed leaves no room for silence or passive dissent.
The Anti-War Committee of Russia was created to oppose this bloody war: to develop a common position, to help people coordinate their efforts, to solve the enormous number of problems that have arisen because of Putin's aggression.
We are convinced of the absolute value of human life, of the inviolability of individual rights and freedoms. Putin's regime is a threat to these values. Our task is to unite all forces to resist it.
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