The farm, located in the mountains of the province of Aragon, is located at the junction of two beautiful mountain rivers, which are rich in minerals and useful elements that affect the natural natural taste of caviar. Moreover, a source of warm water from the bowels of the Earth is added to the uniqueness of the place. Special conditions have been created that imitate natural conditions in natural habitats as much as possible: temperature regime, changeability of seasons (spring, summer, autumn), flow rates corresponding to flow rates in rivers, long wintering at lower temperatures. Due to all this, fish grow in ideal aquaculture conditions, which allows caviar to fully accumulate those substances that give black caviar a natural unique specific taste.

The employees of our farm are excellent professionals who are fanatically dedicated to their work. Therefore, all products are produced with special care and love. We are categorically against killing animals, and therefore, caviar is obtained by massaging the belly of fish. Advantages of premium foods based on krill and fish oil, containing components that are sturgeon food in nature.

Caviar undergoes a thorough preliminary selection for the size, color and shape of eggs. Judging by the taste, the eggs are tender, clean and slightly salted. The taste of caviar has a special, unusually silky texture, and its shell can be so tender that it is ready to dissolve in the mouth at the slightest touch.

Many people prefer black caviar not only because of its unique taste, but also because of its useful properties. In such a way, the product has the highest percentage of protein. Caviar also contains a whole complex of amino acids, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron. The benefits of the delicacy are really huge.